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  • Donna Chaffin

    July 14, 2021 at 10:30 am

    Hi Ivona

    Our company is located in Kentucky but we have employees all over the US and Canada. We are planning to host our Leadership Meeting on July 28th & 29th here in KY which includes 77 attendees. It will be our first live meeting of that size since August of 2019. People will be traveling in from all over by car and air.

    We are contracted with the Hilton Downtown and they have been very helpful in setting this up and adhering to our seating guideline requests.

    We are not doing buffet style meals, rather plated one day and a box lunch the other day.

    We’ll be taking whatever COVID precautions the state of Kentucky has in place. Currently any venue held inside with over 50 people requires special spacing seating requirements and mask if an attendee has not gotten the COVID vaccination.

    If all goes well we will follow up with our holiday/awards banquet in December.

    Hope this helps!