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How LUMINI Works

Our members are Executive Assistants who primarily support the one or more C-Suite executives, and possibly their direct reports.
EAs join LUMINI with the support and commitment of their executive to be involved with the EA throughout the program.

Our guided program delivers best results when the EA and executive meet regularly to review and implement the methodologies, tools and best practices together.

Efficient Time Well Spent

C-Suite executives commit to a weekly 30-minute focus meeting with their EA. This is where you review and apply the learning and activate the methods to get the most out of the executive’s time.

EAs commit 90 minutes a month to the guided program. This is where they learn through a guided program which includes expert individual and peer group instruction, sharing and case studies.

EAs share the learning and tools with their executive during their weekly 30-minute focus meetings. In addition, EAs can access the peer group community at any time to problem solve and get ideas or answers they need.

LUMINI helps your executive leverage a talented EA like you

Your executive has not been trained on how to work best with an EA. LUMINI will help your CEO better leverage an exceptional EA like you and get the two of you on the same page.

Each week, the program recommends 30 minutes of focus time with your executive to improve workflows and streamline communication so you both have more time to focus on results that matter.

LUMINI exposes you to new ways of doing things through a unique peer group community that’s here for you to learn, grow and connect with other exceptional EAs.

All EAs have 24/7 access to an on-demand library of proprietary playbooks, tools and scorecards.

Plus, all EAs are supported by a member success manager, charged with making sure they get what they need quickly and easily. The member experience is effortless.

Membership Includes:


EA Peer Group

Every EA is assigned to a LUMINI Circle of 10 member EAs who meet regularly to learn, share and network with a facilitator. LUMINI MicroCircles connect EAs 1-to-1 every month to share experiences and build deeper connections.


Weekly Learning

One hour per week live learning sessions with expert speakers, resources and facilitators in the field. These sessions are also recorded and available on-demand.

Expert Spotlight for CEO's and EA's

One hour live and interactive session with an expert tackling a topic important to both CEOs and EAs together. These sessions are also recorded and available on-demand.

Proprietary Resources,
Tools and Guides

EAs have 24/7 access to our on-demand library of proprietary playbooks, tools and scorecards.

EA Success Support

Every EA is supported by a Member Success Manager charged with making sure they get what they want quickly and easily.

Effortless EA Experience

An all-round effortless experience with the community’s platform and program content.

Let's Connect!

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