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Who is LUMINI ?

We know first-hand how impactful an exceptional partnership can be.

That’s why, we created the first professional membership community for EAs dedicated to making their C-Suite executives more productive.

Our unique peer group community provides EAs with guided methodologies, tools, best practices and scorecards to make the partnership between them and their executives more effective.

Sean Magennis, our Co-Founder and Chairman, served 30,000 CEOs in 140 countries across 24 time zones as the President and COO of YPO. But he did not do it alone.

Jackie Ludwig, our Co-Founder and CEO, was his executive assistant. She developed, and flawlessly executed, a system to keep Sean out of the weeds and highly productive. This unique partnership, between an executive and an assistant, enabled Jackie to grow and thrive in her role and produced record business results under Sean’s leadership.

Together, they turned their partnership into a force multiplier.

Hear Jackie and Sean’s story


Jackie Ludwig

Co-Founder & CEO

Jackie adds value to members by delivering a white glove experience for each member. This includes adding EAs to the network, placing them in relevant peer groups, delivering expert instruction, and mentoring future super stars. Prior to leading LUMINI, Jackie spent 20 years as a top performing executive assistant supporting executives inside the world’s top companies. This includes leading brands such as YPO, Rolex, and Korn Ferry. Jackie’s “secret sauce” is a system to get maximum value from the unique partnership formed between an EA and a their C-Suite executive. This system was developed, tested, and validated in some of the most demanding professional environments. Her passion is to share this system with EA’s who seek the same rewarding partnership.

Sean Magennis

Co-Founder & Chairman

Sean adds value to members by helping executives realize the full impact of a world class EA. This includes demonstrating to the C-suite how a best-in-class EA can give them what they need- more time. He does this by elevating the role of the assistant, and by teaching executives how to truly partner with an assistant.

Sean is the CEO of LUMINI’s parent company, Capital 54. Capital 54 is the premier investment firm dedicated to investing in boutique professional services firms. In this capacity, Sean developed the idea for LUMINI, secured its financing, and recruited its CEO, his former EA, Jackie Ludwig. In addition to LUMINI, Sean oversees another portfolio company, Collective 54, the first expert community for boutique professional services firms.

Prior to his current duties, most recently Sean was President and COO of YPO, the largest peer network of CEOs in the world, with 30,000 members in 140 countries. It was in this capacity that Sean developed the idea for LUMINI, as the job required him to be effective in 24 time zones. The extreme time pressures of this position solidified for him the mission critical nature of a world-class assistant. And it was during these years he partnered with LUMINI’s secret weapon- Jackie Ludwig.

His passion is to help executives find the time to accomplish all they wish to accomplish.

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