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Who is LUMINI ?

We know first-hand how impactful an exceptional partnership can be.

That’s why, we created the first professional membership community for EAs dedicated to making their C-Suite executives more productive.

Our unique peer group community provides EAs with guided methodologies, tools, best practices and scorecards to make the partnership between them and their executives more effective.

Sean Magennis, our Co-Founder and Chairman, served 30,000 CEOs in 140 countries across 24 time zones as the President and COO of YPO. But he did not do it alone.

Jackie Ludwig, our Co-Founder and CEO, was his executive assistant. She developed, and flawlessly executed, a system to keep Sean out of the weeds and highly productive. This unique partnership, between an executive and an assistant, enabled Jackie to grow and thrive in her role and produced record business results under Sean’s leadership.

Together, they turned their partnership into a force multiplier.

Hear Jackie and Sean’s story


Jackie Ludwig

Co-Founder & CEO

Jackie’s visionary leadership and 20-year tenure as a top-performing executive assistant has paved the way for the existence of LUMINI, a game-changer in the professional development of executive assistants.

With an impressive career supporting executives within some of the world’s leading companies, including YPO, Rolex, and Korn Ferry, Jackie brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to LUMINI. Her experience supporting top executives within these leading brands has honed her skills and deepened her understanding of the unique partnership formed between an EA and their C-Suite executive.

Jackie’s commitment to providing a white glove experience for every member lies at the core of LUMINI’s mission. She adds immense value by providing expert instruction, carefully curating the network, connecting executive assistants (EAs) with relevant peer groups, and mentoring future superstars in the field.     

Her “secret sauce” lies in her system for maximizing the value of the unique partnership between an executive assistant and their C-Suite executive. This system -developed, tested, and validated throughout Jackie’s career – has proven to be transformative in fostering rewarding and successful partnerships. Jackie’s passion lies in sharing this system with executive assistants who aspire to create the same kind of fulfilling partnerships in their own professional journeys.

As the Co-Founder and CEO of LUMINI, Jackie Ludwig is the driving force behind the organization’s existence. Her unwavering dedication, wealth of experience, and invaluable insights have shaped LUMINI into an indispensable resource for executives and executive assistants seeking to elevate their careers and form transformative partnerships.

Stephanie Blanchette

Senior Manager, Member Success

Stephanie plays a critical role in ensuring the success of LUMINI and its members, bringing her infectious enthusiasm and a wealth of experience to the table.

As LUMINI’s Senior Manager, Member Success, Stephanie takes charge of supporting the entire lifecycle of a member’s experience. From onboarding new members, facilitating LUMINI Circle meetings, fostering member engagement and taking the lead in organizing the prestigious LUMINI Network Conference, Stephanie is dedicated to creating an exceptional experience for all. 

Stephanie’s talent for creating unique experiences and guiding others was nurtured during her six years in the Human Resources department at YPO. There, she discovered her passion for helping others realize their potential and fostering positive environments. 

Stephanie firmly believes that by empowering Executive Assistants to embrace their growth mindset, they can forever transform their partnership with their executives.

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