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We understand the power of a strong partnership, which is why we’ve introduced the premier professional membership community exclusively for Executive Assistants (EAs) committed to enhancing the productivity of their C-Suite executives.

Our distinctive peer group community offers EAs access to guided methodologies, tools, best practices, and scorecards designed to optimize the effectiveness of the partnership between them and their executives.

Sean Magennis, our Co-Founder and Chairman, served 30,000 CEOs in 140 countries across 24 time zones as the President and COO of YPO. But he did not do it alone.

Jackie Ludwig, our Co-Founder and CEO, was his executive assistant. She developed, and flawlessly executed, a system to keep Sean out of the weeds and highly productive. This unique partnership, between an executive and an assistant, enabled Jackie to grow and thrive in her role and produced record business results under Sean’s leadership.

Together, they turned their partnership into a force multiplier.

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