An exceptional partnership is a force multiplier


As a C-Suite executive, you work in a 24/7 “always on” role.
Leading through constant disruption and uncertainty while facing demands from stakeholders coming at you from all sides.

The way you allocate your time and presence is crucial to your own effectiveness and to the performance of your company.

LUMINI helps you get back the time you need

We know from experience that an exceptional C-Suite executive-EA partnership is the secret weapon for getting the most out of your time.

Our program of guided methodologies, tools, best practices and scorecards makes a measurable difference in your productivity. Here’s what you can gain from our program:

• Get back 5+ hours a week to focus on what matters most
• 20%-30% improvement in wasted activity
• 20%-25% improvement in meeting quality
• 20%-30% reduction in email volume to manage
• 25% improvement in productivity
• 20%-30% improvement in job satisfaction

Empower your EA to grow and thrive

We provide your EA with a unique peer group to learn and grow with. This is the place to get honest answers to questions and seek advice not available anywhere else – from EAs who know exactly what other EAs are going through and who want to help.

Our efficient and confidential collaboration makes it easy for busy EAs to get fast answers and get back to doing their jobs. But it’s about more than Q&A. In LUMINI, EAs learn from experts and one another, advance each other’s careers, and make lasting friendships.

Level up your EA’s professional development

EAs are often overlooked when it comes to professional development and growth. Like all engaged employees, they want to grow and thrive in their roles and yet find themselves watching others get professional development often not available to them.

A membership in LUMINI shows your EA you care about their professional growth and you are committed to growing your working partnership together.

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