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Home Forums LUMINI Community Discussion Any recommended scorecard/metric goals for EA / HR roles? Reply To: Any recommended scorecard/metric goals for EA / HR roles?

  • Shira Rodriguez

    May 23, 2023 at 1:58 pm

    Be careful of focusing on rote ideas that may lead your staff away from strategic thinking. Counting numbers can lead to stress over checking the box rather than thinking critically. Some other ideas:

    – Identify an area for improvement and outline the process to implement. (examples: data clean up of a RMS/CRM system; employee onboarding process improvement; employee exit interview process improvement and logging of reasons for exit; enhance client or employee engagement with X outputs)

    – Improve the quality of department meetings or 1 on 1 report meetings. (could lead to fewer meetings; could be quantified via survey cards for staff like the meeting quality report card)

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