Does your professional development program include Executive Assistants?

Chances are you have professional development programs for your employees, but not for your EAs. If that’s true, it can mean you’re excluding an important group to your company’s success. Let us help.

LUMINI provides you with a guided professional development program and a unique peer group community for your EAs to include them. It’s turnkey and not expensive.

Your EAs get expert individual and peer group instruction, best practices sharing and case studies. They also belong to an online peer group of EAs who understand the role and are there to problem solve with and exchange ideas. 

Your C-Suite executives can get back 5+hours a week to focus on what’s most important by investing just 30 minutes a week with EAs in our program. Game changer.

Plus, you can get started with it immediately.

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We can help you make sure your EAs are included in professional development and maximizing their partnerships with your C-Suite executives.

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