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Home Forums LUMINI Community Discussion Avis – Do Not Rent List – HELP! Reply To: Avis – Do Not Rent List – HELP!

  • Jackie Ludwig

    November 2, 2021 at 12:56 pm

    Hi Kris! Did you try their option to escalate your case?

    It says it will be sent to the the Office of the President, where your case will be re-opened for executive-level review.

    In situations like this where I’ve been given the major run-around and can’t get an issue resolved, I will try to track down a contact for an exec and email them personally with my experience (while maintaining respect). I did this for Delta one time. Nobody could help me so I tracked down the email address for the SVP of Customer Care, explained the situation and my experience with the customer service reps. The next day, their assistant called me to rectify the issue. I was honestly blown away, and it may not always work, but it can be worth the try in this situation! I later mailed them a thank you note for taking the time to read my email and resolve the issue, and actually have good customer service from the top.

    Good luck!!

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