The CEO-EA Daily Cadence Made Easy

A meeting cadence tempo is a pattern of regular Executive and EA meetings. Short, focused meetings increase momentum and efficiency. Too many unstructured daily  touchpoints are a distraction. A well-developed tempo improves communication and accountability. Objectives must align with the content, frequency, and duration of your meetings.  LUMINI has developed a meeting cadence protocol for the assistant to follow.

Recommended Meeting Cadence Protocols

Sunday Night
Assistant- review the meetings scheduled for the week ahead.
Eliminate any meetings that are not mission critical. Often, meetings are booked months in advance and may no longer be important. Confirm all remaining meetings for the week ahead. Be sure that both the attendee(s) and the executive have all relevant information. If meetings need to be canceled or rescheduled make sure everyone knows. Prepare questions and/or comments for Monday morning meeting with executive.

Monday Morning
The first meeting of each week: 30-minutes: executive and assistant.

Report Card(s): 10 minutes: Reminder of recommended improvements for the week.

To Do List: 10 minutes: Focused and Concise to do list review.

Issues: 10 minutes: Items for awareness, discussion, decision, or resolution.

Tip: Use a timer and do not run over.

Tuesday- Friday Morning
Assistant: Own the schedule. Keep the executive on schedule, with few caveats. It’s your job to keep your eye on the calendar and the clock. If running late, you must interrupt so the entire day is not derailed.
If you work remotely pre-arrange a text interruption to keep everything on track. Make sure everything that ends up on the calendar goes through you first.

Drive to 100% adherence to the Perfect Day. At the end of each day, collect all grades and update all Report Cards. Be an advocate for creating “White Space” on your executive’s calendar. This will allow him/her to work “on” the business and to breathe.

Tip: Schedule a 5-minute daily standup. If you are not together, a quick phone call is all it takes.

Friday Afternoon
The last meeting of each week: 30-minutes: executive and assistant.


Report Card(s): 10 minutes: Candid Review of the week.

To Do List: 10 minutes: Updates and new items.

Issues: 10 minutes:  Items for awareness, discussion, decision, or resolution.

Implementing and committing to your own tempo will ensure your partnership runs smoothly.

If you would like to:

  • Save valuable time.
  • Improve your meeting quality and cadence.
  • Focus on Mission Critical Items.

Contact Jackie Ludwig at [email protected]
Jackie can schedule a time for us to chat.

Best wishes. Sean

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